Wrappers’ delight

Vegetarian Mexican food doesn’t really exist, because even the beans are usually cooked in animal lard,” says Australian expat Eliza Hiscox of Burrito Baby. In November 2013, just a week after Hiscox married her German partner Alex Britting, the couple opened the first burrito shop in Neukölln, Berlin.

A stand outside advertises “tasty burritos” – but doesn’t mention that they’re all vegetarian or vegan. “I’ve had people eat here and then thank me for not putting that on the sign, because they wouldn’t have tried a burrito with tofu if they hadn’t sat down first,” says Britting. The food is savoury and surprisingly light on the stomach.

“The Turkish supermarkets have been a godsend,” adds Hiscox, because they offer fresh cilantro and other ingredients used in Mexican and Turkish (but not German) cuisine.